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DOTJ E51: Mike Sugerman


Reporter Mike Sugerman sips whiskey and talks about his 40 plus years in the business and how he picked up a few Emmys and the prestigious Edward R Murrow award along the way. 

DOTJ e50: Marc Forgione


Michelin Star Chef Marc Forgione tells us about his powerful muse and the angel on his shoulder.

DOTJ e49: Robbie Cox


Boston Strong- How does a kid from Boston end up cooking at one of the hottest restaurants in Paris? 

DOTJ e48: Steve Matthiasson


Superstar winemaker and environmental activist Steve Matthiasson talks about the future of wine and the planet.

DOTJ e47: Ryan Looper


He’s back...what  to drink for the holidays and where to eat in NYC with the one and only Ryan Looper.

See the list of recommendations.

DOTJ e46: Truffle Lady, Francesca, and Marco


White Truffles have arrived! Truffle Lady and Marco take us into this crazy world. 

DOTJ e45: John McEvoy


Holy Smoke! It’s Mezcal. Author John McEvoy explains its monster comeback. 

DOTJ e44: Byron Bates


Wild World is a fermentation festival celebrating food, wine, beer and cider. Founder Byron Bates gives us all the details about the biggest event this season.

DOTJ e43: Dr. Amirian


Manhattan Cardiology saved my life. Let’s talk to team member Dr. Amirian on heart health.  

DOTJ e42: Devin Shomaker


Devin Shomaker planted a vineyard on a roof top in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Is he insane...let’s find out. 

DOTJ e41: Giulia Negri


Giulia Negri is Barolo Girl. She explains Nebbiolo, historic Barolo vineyards and the best kept secret about white truffles. 

DOTJ e40: Chris Blanchard


Chris Blanchard is the first solo white rapper who topped the Billboard Charts. He is also a master sommelier! If that’s not cool enough just listen to steal his fried chicken recipes. 

DOTJ e39: Brooklyn Kura


Brooklyn Kura is an American Craft Sake that builds on a thousand years of Japanese brewing history. Could Brooklyn get any cooler?

DOTJ e38: Joey Tensley


Joe Tensley has been making legendary syrahs from California for more than 20 years. Come join us for a glass.

DOTJ e37: Lucia Carvalho


Let’s demystify Port wine with Lucia Carvalho from Casa Santa Eufemia. A small grower with a deep cellar that still houses some hundred year old barrels of Port they use in their blends. 

DOTJ e36: Marcos Bairros


Marcos Bairros has surfed the big waves off the coast of Portugal since he was a child. He is by nature an explorer. Today he takes us on a journey to discover the lost wines of Colares.

DOTJ e35: Doc Herson


Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. Doc Herson helps us demystify this magical spirit.

DOTJ e34: Cameron Mascia


Cameron Mascia of La Colombe grinds on about coffee and takes us for a queer turn into the Jordanian Desert

DOTJ e33: Steven Hall


This is the restaurant edition. Steven Hall of Hall PR will give us the skinny on where to eat some of the best Sushi and interesting food in New York. 

DOTJ e32: Brendan Tracey


His wines are rebellious with explosive energy and stay true to his Punk Rock ethos.

DOTJ e31: Sarah Bray


Sarah Bray talks about Mount Etna’s live volcanoe, the brilliant wines of Sicily and her love of Tuscany. 

DOTJ e30: Natalie Jessa


Natalie Jessa’s wine company Gota is redefining the flavors of Portuguese wines. 

DOTJ e29: Kyra Caruso


Kyra Caruso is a certified Doula who moonlights as a top DJ in NYC. Not many people can say they’ve DJ’d with Questlove and witnessed the miracle of birth in the same week.

DOTJ e28: Roberto Paris


Roberto Paris presides over one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Il Buco. It’s not just the incredible wine list, house baked bread and great food. It’s just a great experience from the second you walk through the door. And the wine cellar just might be haunted by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe.

DOTJ e27: Andre Mack


Andre Mack does it all. He’s a winemaker, author, soon to be restaurateur  and a father of four. Let’s spend a day in the life.

DOTJ e26: Chef Sal Scognamillo


Patsys Restaurant will forever be linked to Frank Sinatra. Let’s listen to Chef Sal tell some stories about the Chairman of the Board and his crew.

DOTJ e25: Nicolas Joly


Wine legend Nicolas Joly is The Godfather of Biodynamic winemaking. His grasp of the world and nature is awe inspiring.

DOTJ e24: Maria Sinskey


Maria Sinskey is a celebrated chef and cookbook author. She now spends most of her time promoting transparency in food and the brilliant certified organic Sinskey Wines. 

DOTJ e23: Kyle MacLachlan


A damn fine cup of coffee, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pursued By Bear Cabernet , three beverages connected to the prolific actor Kyle MacLachlan.

DOTJ e22: Eddie Brill


Eddie Brill is a stand up comic veteran. He’s appeared multiple times on David Letterman and booked the talent for 17 years. He’s been killing it for three decades. 

DOTJ e21: Charlie McNamara


Charlie McNamara has worked on countless films, including one of my all time favorites, Big Night. We discuss the film business–its nuances and its complexities. 

DOTJ e20: Claire Paparazzo


Claire Paparazzo discusses her YouTube show “Wine If You Want To”, and gives us some top wine picks for winter. 

DOTJ e19: Garrett Oliver


Let’s talk and taste beer with Brooklyn Brewery’s Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. Beer geeks raise your mugs!

DOTJ e18: Fred Dex


Fred Dex is a Master Sommelier. Let’s hear the amazing story of his journey to this prestigious title. 

DOTJ e17: AC Lincoln


Gotta Dance! This would be AC Lincolns’ Rebel Yell. Let’s listen to this talented hoofer share his passion  for tap. 

DOTJ e16: Molly Cohen


Molly Cohen has run over 50 Marathons! Why does Molly run? Let’s get some tips and wisdom from the superwoman herself.

DOTJ e15: Joe Lockhart


Joe Lockhart was  Bill Clinton’s Press secretary during the Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment hearings. He’s gone on to work with the NFL, Facebook and currently is a regular on CNN. I like to think of him as Mr Wolf, the fixer.

DOTJ e14: Glen Heroy aka “Santa”


Get in the spirit with Santa and let him tell you his best stories from the last 30 Years. 

DOTJ e13: Marc Williamson


Marc Williamson is the Mad Hatter of Harlem. His shop Flame Keepers Hat Club is the pinnacle of style and elegance. It is the only place you need to go to find your groove. 

DOTJ e12: Ryan Looper


Former opera singer and one of the top wine salesman in the country, Ryan Looper, helps you pick your wines for the holidays on this episode!

DOTJ e11: Andre Tamers


Andre Tamers has been featured in Bon Appétit , NY Times , SF Chronicle and more. His  wines are some of the most sought after in the country. His back ground as a painter in Spain has given him the vision to set pace in this competitive market. Join us on this amazing journey. 

DOTJ e10: Chris Henchy


Chris Henchy knows comedy. He co-created the insanely successful website Funny or Die. He has produced and written everything from Entourage, Between Two Ferns, Daddy's Home, The Campaign, The Other Guy and the list goes on. His new movie that he wrote and produced, Practical Jokers, will be out in the summer of 2019.

DOTJ e9: The Oyster Diaries, Part 2


Oyster Diaries Part 2- Lets taste the best Oysters from around the country with Michelin Star Chef Bill Telepan from Restaurant Oceana in NYC. Taste and texture...let’s go.

DOTJ e8: The Oyster Diaries Part 1 and Chef Bill Telepan


Shuck you and the boat you rode in on...let’s hear it from 2 oyster farmers and celebrity chef Bill Telepan. Listen here.

DOTJ e7: Nate Ready


Nate Ready is a Master Somellier, making some of the most complex and compelling wines from Oregon and Washington the market has ever seen! He's known as the Wizard ...let's explore his genius. Listen here.

DOTJ e6: Eddie Pepitone


Eddie Pepitone is a cult favorite on the LA Comedy scene. He’s a regular at The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip and has his own Netflix Special ‘In Ruins.’ Listen here.

DOTJ e5: Ralph Alswang


Clinton White House photographer shows us the hustle! Listen here.

DOTJ e4: Amy Stiller


This hilarious lady hails from the royal family of comedy. Little known fact, she came up in the industry like the rest of us. Look for her one woman show "Just Trust" debuting winter 2018. Listen here.

DOTJ e3: James Shrum


James Shrum is The World's Most Interesting Man. Let this great bartender-adventurer show you how to punch above your weight class. Listen as he reminisces about meeting with Nelson Mandela, John Glenn, Warren Buffett and more. He’s got amazing adventures and life lessons to share. Listen here.

DOTJ e2: Debra Devi


Yes! Women rock. Debra Devi continues to garner national acclaim as one of the most remarkable rock guitarists on the East Coast. She has put her stake in the ground. Let's talk music and about her new book. Yes, there will be wine as well. Listen here.

DOTJ e1: Rene Chun


Let's listen to the amazing arc of journalist Rene Chun's writing career. He's written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, Wired, Esquire and the list goes on. We'll share a rare bottle and discuss the fate of journalism, modern media and some career highlights from his dinner with Julia Roberts to having his live threatened by Joey Buttafuoco. Listen here.

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